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Tire Changer GT5890+Helper AL-240 - MAJOR Tire Machine
Tire Changer Helper Arm 240
Helper PL-240-Major Tire Machine
Helper Arm 330
Tire Changer GT-5890S+Helper PL-240 or PL-330
GT5890S-Major Tire Machine

Tire Changer GT-5890S+Helper PL-240 or PL-330

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Tire Changer GT-5890+PL-240 is a HEAVY DUTY tire changer designed for tire shop, automotive repair shops and quick-lubes. With external clamping range from 12” (internal 14”) to 24” (internal 26”),The simple assist arm makes changing tires much easier by pressing bead below the step of the rim and follows table rotation rather then having a second bar or person to press down bead of the tire. Dual wheel clamping cylinders control four clamping jaws with protective covers, which can hold the wheel securely to avoid damage to expensive and delicate wheels. Driven by a sturdy and powerful cylinder, the bead shovel accommodating 5500 lbs of power makes loosening the bead a snap. On-board combos of air regulator, water separator and oil lubricator allow this tire changer working at designated pressure and keeping pedal valves and cylinders maintenance-free.
Extra accessories come complimentary with mount/demount head inserts, inflation pistol with gauge and bead lever tool.

  • Swing arm design
  • Built in table bead blaster
  • Inflation regulator
  • Rim clamp with stepping function
  • Adjustable range of bead breaker
  • Plastic inserts at wheel contact points
  • Aluminum foot pedal
  • 1.5 H.P. electric motor
  • Aluminum bead breaker cylinder
  • Air reservoir tank built into tower for space efficiency 



Power supply/ Motor power 110 V 1.5 HP
Pneumatic supply 115-145 psi
Rim clamping range ( External ) 12"-24"
Rim clamping Range( Internal ) 14"-26"
Bead break force 5500 lbs
Max. wheel diameter 49"
Max. wheel width 13"
Noise < 70 db
Shipping weight 590 lbs.
Shipping dimensions 45”x 36”x 41”