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Full Automatic Wheel Balancer CBL-5575
Full Automatic Wheel Balancer CBL-5575
Monitor-Full Automatic Wheel Balancer CBL-5575
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Full Automatic Wheel Balancer CB-5575P

Full Automatic Wheel Balancer CB-5575P

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Wheel Balancer CB-5575P, Full Automatic 

This wheel balancing machine is equipped with Italian software.

Wheel Balancer CB-5575P is as easy as 1-2-3 to operate. Simply slide ruler up to wheel and rim distance as well as rim diameter are automatically entered. Return ruler and hold second measurement arm located in protection hood up to wheel rim face, wheel rim width is automatically entered and then simply start the measurement cycle. No user input required. Auto measure ensures accurate wheel measurements are taken to use the least amount of weight possible. The wheel balancer CB-5575P features a widescreen LED VGA monitor, laser pointer as well as foot brake to aid in accurate placement of weights and user convenience. Dynamic, Static and 5 standard aluminum weight programs as well as 2 Alum-Special modes which allows user to program into the wheel balancer CB-5575P both inner and outer weight positions using the ruler for quick accurate balancing using stick on weights. Alum-S mode also allows the user to split and hide weights behind the spokes of aluminum wheels (3-10 spoke wheels supported). Balance 10”-28” rim diameters and up to 145-pound combined tire/rim weight. Included is the light truck flange expansion ring and cone set to balance 8 bolt light truck wheels. Wheel assemblies can be mounted either cone inside with included spring and plastic bowl or cone from outside wheel rim. Wheel Balancer CB-5575P come with these accessories : wheel weight pliers, a 4-cone car/light truck set including light truck flange adapter, quick nut for quick easy installation/removal of the wheel assembly and self calibration weight.

  • 20" LED VGA monitor
  • Built in help screens for new users
  • Multi languages menu (English, French, German, Italian.....)
  • Automatic wheel dimension input
  • LED Light
  • Laser indicator
  • Static/Dynamic modes
  • 5 Std. Aluminum modes
  • 2 Special Aluminum modes (wheel balancer will measure exact weight placement position for ultimate accuracy using least amount of weight possible)
  • Motorcycle Mode (optional adapter required)
  • Calibration mode for both auto measure system and weight calibration
  • Optimize (Wheel balancer will show best tire position on rim to use least amount of weight) 
  • Hide function (split and hide weights behind spokes of aluminum wheels) 
  • Grams, ounces, mm and inches for user convenience 
  • Foot brake
  • Accessories:
    • 4-piece cone set standard
    • Light truck flange/cone kit included
    • Speed nut (Haweka, made in Germany) standard
    • Inside cone wheel mount spring and plastic cup with rubber pad
    • Weight pliers standard
    • Protective hood standard

Power supply/ Motor power 110 V/250 W
Max. Wheel weight 145 lbs
Rim diameter 10"-28"
Imbalance Resolution ±1 g/0.035 oz
Cycle time 6-9 s
Working ambient 5°C-40°C
Noise <70 db
Shipping weight 380 lbs
Shipping dimensions 42”x 30”x 45”


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