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4 Post Lifts | Alignment Lifts

4 Post Lifts | Alignment Lifts

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·4000Kg / 5000Kg lifting capacity 

·Long slip plate and adjustable turntable positions for alignment use

·Reliable mechanical safety locking system 

·Avoid rapid descending cause by leakage of hydraulic system by applying FLOW-CONTROL technique to hydraulic system 

·Max height switch limits the travel of runways and ensures cylinders work within the stroke 

·The alarm buzzer for safe descending

·24V safety control voltage 

·Reliable electrical release for easy and efficient use

·Compact quick plug electrical connection releases installers from too many wires and terminals and make initial installation much more efficient. Save more than 70% time on wire connection 

·Low profile runway is convenient for driving on and off and less demanding on space 

·Optional rolling jack